Our Story


Our mission is to enrich the farms by propagating safe agricultural practices so as to provide the world with food that is safe to consume. To grow healthy and safe food, our soil must be healthy, and crop production practices must be efficient and safe with the use of better performing agricultural inputs. With this aim, Cropex made its beginning in 1998 to provide better performing nutrients, biostimulants and other related agricultural inputs to the farming community for healthier crops with optimum yields!

Our quest to provide better performing nutrients also led us to develop an extensive range of bio-stimulants and fertilizers. Our efforts further got strengthened by way of Approval of our unique formulations for use in Organic Agriculture from an international certification agency, IMO Control! These Organic Approved formulations provide nutritional supplements and help manage stress of the crops. Quality is the core and fundamental value of Cropex and is a culture honestly practised by every memberof the team. We truly and firmly believe that it is quality in all spheres that can keep us growing. We monitor all our operations through a well-devised management information system. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are analysed from time to time, and our actions are based on such SWOT analysis.